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At Debra Hampton, we are proud to have extensive experience working with clients throughout Oklahoma County. We have helped individuals receive numerous favorable resolutions, pardons, expungements, and clemencies, and we stand ready to do the same for you. When you work with our firm, we take the time to get to know you and your case, determine if you are eligible for commutation, and help develop a personalized defense for your specific needs.

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Reducing Sentences with Commutation

Commutations are not pardons, but a form of clemency that can help reduce the overall time you need to spend in prison after a conviction. If you have served two years of your sentence, you may be eligible to obtain a commutation.

Some factors that are considered when determining eligibility for commutation include:

  • The time that was spent serving the sentence

  • The sentence that was given to the felon

  • The behavior of the individual during their time of incarceration

Commutation will only be granted if the individual has served a minimum of two years of their sentence and has been on model behavior since their conviction. Common types of commutations include the removal of multiple sentences (such as the total number of years of the individual’s sentencing being more than the lifespan of the individual), the death penalty being reduced to a life sentence, and the possibility of parole being added to an individual’s sentencing.

Are You Eligible for a Commutation?

Not everyone is eligible to obtain a commutation, but there may be other options open to you after a conviction. At Debra Hampton, we are dedicated to fully reviewing your case to determine if it is possible to obtain a commutation. We are here to represent you throughout the hearing and ensure your rights are protected.

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