Removing Your Criminal Past from Your Record

Expunging a record is a great way to help you move forward from your criminal past, and provide you with a new start. Record expungements not only help put your mind at ease, but can also help you obtain gainful employment, resolve credit problems, and protect your home and family. At Debra Hampton, our Edmond expungement attorney can work with you to determine if you are eligible to obtain a criminal expungement and provide the strong representation you need during all hearings.

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Erasing Misdemeanors, Felonies & Juvenile Records

People change, and it can be hard to move forward with a criminal past following you around. Convictions can stay on your record for the rest of your life, and having your life regain momentum may mean eliminating your criminal record. At Debra Hampton, we may be able to help you expunge felony records, misdemeanors, and juvenile crimes.

Some factors to take into consideration when attempting to expunge a record include:

  • The type of crime that you are trying to expunge

  • The amount of time that has elapsed from the time of the crime to the time of your expungement filing

  • The specific laws and regulations regarding expungement in the county or state where the crime occurred

  • What the sentencing was for the crime and if the sentencing was completed

In some cases, expunged records may still be available to the public, including tax companies and law enforcement officials. Additionally, in today’s day and age, it may be wise to know that a simple internet search may still bring forth information regarding the crime and the arrest, even if it has been fully expunged off a record.

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Having a criminal record erased can provide you with a whole different life, and our Edmond expungement lawyer stands ready to help. Debra Hampton is here to explain all the expungement options available to you, assist in obtaining Certificates of Actual Innocence, and ensure that records are properly and legally sealed.

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