Sound Legal Guidance for the Parole Process

If you or a convicted loved one has successfully completed at least one-third of their sentence, you may be eligible to apply for parole. Parole is granted based on a parole hearing, and it is important that you have experienced, effective legal representation available at the hearing. At Hampton Law Office, we have worked with countless clients throughout the Oklahoma City area to obtain favorable outcomes to their parole application. We are here to walk you through the parole application process including all necessary information and what you can expect as well as represent you during the hearing.

Before applying for parole, call Hampton Law Office for a free phone consultation.

Factors Considered at a Parole Hearing

Before your parole hearing, you and your attorney will discuss all aspects of the case, the hearing process, and what to expect when you sit down in the hearing room. All available evidence pertaining to your behavior and your case will then be carefully reviewed by the Probation and Parole Board.

Some factors they may consider include:

  • An evaluation of the behavior of the individual while at the penitentiary

  • The records pertaining to discipline

  • Victim’s letters and their evidence presented during trial

  • Length of sentence served

  • Risk assessment as a community member

  • Violent behavior

  • Work performance

  • Ability to make a living once released

  • Substance abuse and mental history

  • Prior arrests and convictions

  • Parole plan

  • Other personal information

Once all evidence has been presented, the Parole Board will vote on the release of the inmate and will grant specific rules to follow in order to ensure that the individual becomes a productive member of society. The hearing may include speeches from the board members, the victim or the victim’s family, you and your attorney, and the District Attorney.

We will attend the hearing with you and your family. Since 1990, we’ve been advising clients in similar post-conviction cases. We have the qualifications you need to step into your parole board hearing with confidence.

Being Granted Parole

If parole is granted, you must take action to ensure that your rights are protected and that you keep on your best behavior. Visits will be made to make sure that you are following all regulations put in place, and any violation of those rules could lead to an additional sentencing.


One-Time Prison Visit

For a nominal fee, our experienced parole attorney will visit your loved one incarcerated in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections to discuss possibilities of his/her situation.

Below are some of the services we provide during the visit:

  • A one-time confidential legal visit to discuss various options and scenarios for your loved one.

  • Review of legal papers that the client makes accessible at the time of the visit.

  • Legal advice to the client on their situation.

If later retained after the visit, the initial fee for the visit is credited towards the entire fee. This will be discussed and agreed to by the appropriate parties.

This service, however, does not include reviewing the client's trial or appellate papers in advance of the meeting. The fee for these one-time visits includes time spent scheduling the visit, all correspondence to the client before the visit, travel time and mileage to and from the prison, waiting time at the prison, the visit itself, and any follow-up communication promised during the visit.

Reach Out to an Experienced Parole Attorney Today

At Hampton Law Office, we provide excellent legal representation and put forth undivided attention towards each of our client’s cases. When you choose to work with us, you will receive first-class service with a personal touch.

If you or if a loved one is seeking a parole representative, do not hesitate to contact our office to schedule a free phone consultation. We proudly serve clients in the Oklahoma City area, including Norman, Tulsa, and Shawnee, Oklahoma.


If you or a loved one has become eligible to apply for parole, put an experienced attorney on your side. Reach out to Hampton Law Office in Oklahoma City today to schedule a free phone consultation. We represent clients throughout the state, including Norman, Tulsa, and Shawnee, Oklahoma. Receive the dedicated legal guidance that you deserve.