Providing Respectful Representation During This Difficult Time

Probate can be a confusing process, especially when your family is still grieving the loss of your loved one. You may have questions regarding probate or the administration of wills, trusts, and estate plans. Overwhelmed by the complexity of the work ahead? Get in touch with Hampton Law Office today for the respectful yet competent guidance you need. Our qualified team is ready to offer sound legal guidance throughout the entire probate process, discuss how the process works, and provide counsel for beneficiaries, family members, and executors.

Whether the decedent was not able to leave a will, or the will is being contested, call Hampton Law Office right away for a free phone consultation.

Ensuring Efficient Will Administration

For a lot of individuals, probate falls into a confusing time in their lives. Dealing with the death of a loved one, the legal system, taxes, inheritance, and estates can be overwhelming, which is why having an experienced attorney on your side is of utmost importance. Allow us to navigate you and your family through this complex process and help you understand the timeline involved with probate. We also work closely with you to protect property and inheritance during court-managed administrations.

Some of the legal services our Oklahoma City probate attorney can provide include:

  • Distribution of assets to next-of-kin and appointed heirs named in the will

  • An inventory of the estate and property

  • Appointment of an executor, or working with the executor to properly distribute property

  • Ensuring proper sale of the estate to pay debts

  • Working with the courts if no will or trust has been named

Don’t wait any longer to get the professional advice you need for the probate of your loved one’s estate.



The Role of a Probate Attorney

An attorney can advise you on various aspects of the probate process. They’ll be able to help prepare all necessary documents and file them with the proper officials. If they obtain letters of authority, your attorney also may help you access your deceased loved one’s insurance, bank, or other financial accounts.

Your attorney will also deal with all other required proceedings in court. For instance, they may file or defend a will contest to decide who becomes the executor. They will handle creditors’ claims and give notice to creditors, heirs, beneficiaries, and others who are entitled to receive notice of the probate.

At Hampton Law Office, we’ve been representing Oklahoma City probate cases since 1990. We understand the grief you’re likely facing, making us the compassionate legal partners you need. We’ll be here to help you ensure your loved one’s wishes are fulfilled exactly as they’d want them.

Trusted Legal Guidance When You Need it Most

If you have been named an executor or administrator of a will, trust, or estate, you may have questions about what steps to take and how to ensure that the property is rightfully and legally distributed. Some of your responsibilities may include:

  • Locating and interpreting the decedent’s will and any trusts

  • Creating an inventory of your loved one’s assets

  • Establishing an estate bank account

  • Paying any debts and expenses of the estate

  • Funding all bequests

  • Administering any trusts

  • Closing the estate

At Hampton Law Office, we are here for you every step of the way. In addition to the proper administration of a will, we can also provide assistance in case you need to contest a will or another person is contesting the said will.

The probate process can be daunting, but the experienced assistance of our skilled probate attorney may help ensure favorable resolution. If you live in the Oklahoma City area, including Norman, Tulsa, or Shawnee, Oklahoma, get in touch with us. Call our office today to schedule a free phone consultation.


Losing someone you care about is difficult enough. Don’t let a complicated probate process make life even harder. Entrust Hampton Law Office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to help you protect your loved one’s wishes. We represent individuals and families throughout the state, including those in Norman, Tulsa, and Shawnee. Call today to request a free phone consultation.